“Sand Gravity”

If you have stayed at a Couples Resort then you are already very familiar with “Sand Gravity”.

If not, Google Sand Gravity and you’ll find this is a term that seems to have started at Couples Resorts and is (almost) exclusive to Jamaican travel.

Tower Island where the Sand Gravity is strong!

At first you might think this is some kind of weird quick sand that you need to avoid but trust me on this one – you want all the sand gravity you can get!

The concept is simple – you make tons of plans for everything you will do and see during your Jamaica vacation; you might even have a written schedule planned out with every single day loaded with things to do.

You won’t want to get up!

So on the first full day you manage to get all your stuff down to the beach, get out your kindle, maybe get a drink and start to get comfortable and you think “this is nice…”

Several HOURS later you are so content and relaxed and having such a great time when you look around and realize “Where did all the time go! I missed Dunn’s River, the walkabout tour, and lunch!”

This is “Sand Gravity”.

Total and complete contentment with everything around you with no worries and no cares.

All those plans, forget them. They don’t seem as important as this chair and this beach.

Excursions? Are you kidding? Leave this chair for more than 30 minutes!??!

Not going anywhere…

You have everything you need right there sitting in a lounge chair underneath a palm tree.

Food/Drinks are only steps away. There’s no schedule, no worries and no cares.

Just you, the palm trees and your S.O.

Instead of making a schedule, make a list – here’s what I’d like to do… maybe… if I care to…

…but only if Sand Gravity will allow me.

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  1. Pamela Hotaling says:

    OMG!! This site is AMAZING!! Just stumbled upon it this morning while checking out the Couples Message Board. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you’ve put in to creating this!! I have found myself smiling more than once as I read through the many topics recalling our past 7 visits. . . #8 this coming December!!!! Again, thanks!!! I think you really just have to experience it to understand how truly special it is!!!

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