The Day 2 Blues

It’s here – the first full day of your vacation! You have been looking forward to this trip for weeks, months – maybe even a year or more!

You get up ready to start the day with smile and realize – “Man, I really feel like crap!!”

Don’t let the Day 2 Blues affect your Vacation

“But I have so much planned for today! Yoga at 9, cooking class right after…. and why is my husband still snoring!! We have to get up, breakfast starts in 2 minutes! I better not be getting sick!!”

You’re not sick, It’s the day 2 blues…

All of the planning, saving, packing and traveling have suddenly caught up to you all at the same time and is physically disrupting all of your carefully laid out plans!

No matter – “It’s vacation!” – you tell yourself – “I’ll just plow right through – get up now!!!”

That’s a mistake that you could end up paying for dearly both today and on days 3 AND 4.

Morning rain on SSB

You should expect you and your spouse to feel like crap on day 2 – both physically and mentally.

If you fight it, and with each other, then this is the moment where many vacations turn south and become a nightmare.

Ok Great! I feel like crap on vacation, how do I cope?


Don’t plan anything! Don’t set an alarm, Don’t make reservations, and don’t get upset if your body (or s.o.) decides it wants to sleep in until 10:00 on day 2.

Starting to look better!

But I just lost X number of vacation hours!

I know – it’s hard to just let go and plan nothing on day 2, but I promise you the rest of your vacation will go much, much better if you give your body and mind time to rest and adjust.

This doesn’t mean you do nothing on day 2 as who knows where we’ll end up – it just means we’re going to forget the schedule and the plans completely behind today so that we can just let the day flow without any plans, cares or worries.

Rest on Day 2 and you’ll be ready for the sunrise on Day 3

Today is a great day to explore, reserve snorkeling/diving trips and dinner reservations for other nights but overall, you should just let Sand Gravity start to take hold and get to know your resort.