On Site Activities

During our first visits to Couples Resorts, we did not participate in many of the activities that the resorts have. This was simply due to Sand Gravity taking a hold and never letting go.

In recent years we have discovered and enjoyed many of the activities and realized they do a really good job of keeping people entertained and active.

Here’s a guide to some of our favorite Couples Activities.

Water Sports

There are so many water sports options that we decided to dedicate an entire (upcoming) blog post just to water sports.


Every Couples resort has at least some kind of fitness rooms and gym. Some are moderate in size (Negril) and others are fully stocked gyms complete with Olympic size swimming pool, saunas and steam rooms (Swept Away).

Others have beautiful outdoor facilities for Yoga and jogging trails (Sans Souci) while others have fully functioning yoga studios (Tower Island).

Overlooking the mineral pool with a panoramic view of the ocean, our state-of-the-art fitness facility features high-tech cardio machines (including treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles) and free weights, as well as a team of certified trainers.

Description of Gym at Sans Souci on Couples Website

Yoga and Meditation

All of the resorts have yoga and meditation classes either in the morning or early afternoons. Some have multiple classes a day.

Enlighten your senses and find your center with our meditation classes. Embrace your own spirituality through inner peace, leaving behind your stress and awaken your mind and body.

Couples Website

If you are staying at Couples Sans Souci you are in for a treat as the Yoga classes are held in a very nice, shaded outdoor pavilion facing the sea.

These classes are offered several times a week, usually only during the weekdays, and alternate between Yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Meditation classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Check the activities schedule at each resort for specific days and times.

Yoga at Sans Souci

Aerobics/Aquacise Classes

If you’re looking for a group exercise activity that is lower impact, try out an aerobics or aquacise class.

Check the schedule as these classes run several times per week.

Massage Classes

Looking to spice up your vacation and relax at the same time? Participate in one of the Couples massage classes and learn how to give each other this amazing and romantic treat. Classes are only offered once per week.

Tennis Anyone?

All of the resorts except Couples Negril have tennis courts and an in-house tennis pro for lessons. If you are staying at Couples Negril and were really looking forward to playing tennis – consider “Trading Places” to Swept Away as they have a very nice tennis facilities complete with racquetball and squash courts.


A round of golf in included in your stay at all Couples Resorts and is available 7 days a week usually leaving at 8:00am.

Make a reservation to golf the night before.

Spinning Classes

Couples Tower Island and Swept Away also offer spin classes.

That’s a lot of fitness! Phew! I get tired just writing about it!


In addition to fitness activities, Couples also offers classes on cooking, crafting and other aspects of Jamaican History and Trivia.

Our favorite was the class on how to make Jerk Sauce!

Catamaran Cruise

The Catamaran Cruise is a must do and so much fun that we dedicated an entire blog post.

Couples App

The easiest way to find out activity times is to download the Couples Resorts Mobile App. With the app, you can find buttons to show you the activity schedule for each day at any of the resorts.