Special Dining Nights at Sans Souci

At Couples Sans Souci, they have two special nights – “Jamaica Night” on Tuesdays and “Starlight Gala Cabaret” on Friday nights.

On each of these nights, Couples sets up an elaborate and elegant buffet dinner on the lawn complete with entertainment from various live bands and entertainment.

Takes All Day to Setup the Gala

These nights can be a lot of fun as you’ll sit at a table with 6 other guests and the very first thing you’ll wonder is – where did all these people come from?

There is a very large variety of food including grilled meats and fresh seafood as well as unique Jamaican dishes only prepared on these nights.

There is also a separate vegetarian section with several dishes including featuring local Jamaican vegetables.

The highlight of these nights is the huge selection of amazing desserts. The presentation is amazing at all the stations and these are nights when you should find plenty to eat.

The entertainment is fabulous and a lot of fun, but can be noisy if you are staying in A, B, C or D block facing the main beach so don’t plan to go to bed early on these nights.

Jamaica Night

Every Tuesday, Couples throws a Jamaica Night at 7:00 pm on the main lawn featuring a Caribbean buffet and dynamic performances by the island’s finest entertainment. Afterwards, don’t miss the after party jam starting at 10:15 pm on the Au Naturel Beach.

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Starlight Gala Cabaret

Our Friday nights, don’t miss the Starlight Gala and Cabaret on the main lawn followed by a disco party at the Au Naturel Beach. The fun starts at 7:30 pm.

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After Parties

On each of these special nights, Couples hosts an after party at the Au Natural Beach (Sunset Beach) complete with bartenders and music.

If you like going to the Au Natural beach after hours, you should be aware of these parties. Sometimes they are a bust and no-one shows up, but other times many people show up.

Dessert is a highlight!

Not in the Mood?

Note that if you are not feeling up to the Gala or Jamaican night – room service is open every night and can be a good alternative if you are not feeling up to the party.

On Tuesdays, Palazzina is also open for limited outside service but ALL restaurants are closed on Fridays.