Fried, Grilled or Baked – How much can you eat?

Ok smart ass – if you’re the one reader who stumbled on this page that is allergic to seafood and your answer is “None, cuz I’ll die…” then stop reading…

Everyone else – especially if you want to maximize your lobster intake – keep reading to find out which night is lobster night at your resort, How to get EXTRA Lobster, and how to find some really fresh, amazing lobster just off site of some Couples Resorts.

Grilling Lobster

What is Lobster Night?

At each Couples Resort during lobster season – July 1 to March 31 – they have a weekly lobster night where a different lobster dish is prepared in each restaurant. We have had some of the most delicious fried, grilled and baked lobster you can imagine!

Nom Nom!

It’s tempting to go to every restaurant and try every lobster dish and stuff yourself full of lobster till you puke! Unfortunately, they frown on this so you want to pick your lobster restaurant carefully.

At Couples Tower Island and Couples Negril – Lobster Night is Friday.

At Couples Sans Souci – Lobster night is Wednesday.

At Couples Swept Away – Lobster night is Saturday.

(Always check to make sure this is still accurate when you arrive)

Keep reading to learn about some of the preparations, and the secret way to get EXTRA lobster.

Wait, did you say Fried Lobster?

Yes, Bayside at Couples Tower Island and Lychee at Couples Negril serve Fried Lobster that is some of the best I have ever had.

Still Want MORE Lobster?

If you are staying at Couples Negril you are in for a very special treat. Just a short walk down the beach you will find the “Office of Nature”.

The Office of Nature. Directly on the Beach.

Fresh, Grilled Lobster! With a Red Stripe… Oh, did we mention it’s directly on the beach?

What more could you ask for.

Office of Nature.

Keith’s Bamboo Crew

Fresh lobster grilled over a charcoal grill with a Red Stripe. Need we say more?

If you are staying in Ocho Rios one of the best ways to get even more lobster is to book the bamboo raft tour with lunch from Keith’s Bamboo Crew.

Keiths Grilled Lobster

This excursion is a one of the best off site trips we have taken and the White River is a peaceful, beautiful place that should not be missed.

The Secret way to Get Extra Lobster!

There is a secret way to “Treat Yo Self!” and get the extra lobster you so deserve!

Splurge for the private dinner! Your wife will be none the wiser as you dine under the stars with a private waiter sipping cocktails by candlelight. She’ll think you paid for a nice, private, romantic dinner on the beach just for the two of you but little does she know – this is all about the Surf and Turf!!

Your private chef will grill a delicious lobster and steak dinner that will be the highlight of your trip and the memories your wife was hoping to bring home!