Reservation Tips

Although we covered reservation tips in a previous post, we feel these tips are so important we are going to cover them again so we can expand on them in greater detail.

Make your reservations for later

Unless you really can’t wait until 7:00, then it’s best to make your reservations for at least 30 minutes after the restaurant opens to avoid the mini-rush and any line that may form.

Around 6:20 couples will show up early and start to stand in line. That’s when the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicks in and everyone seems to feel the need to go get in line.

Bella Vista / Beach Grill

If you wait just 30 minutes, there will be no line and the servers will have gotten through the opening rush and will be ready to give you excellent service.

By now things have smoothed out and everything and everyone should be flowing at 100%.

Outdoor seating at Casanova above the pool.

Note that at Couples Resorts, they rarely run out of items. Unlike at other all inclusive resorts, getting to a restaurant early is not necessary to insure you get a certain meal (like lobster on lobster night!).

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Last Minute Reservation or Change

Ok so maybe not 5 minutes before the restaurant opens, but if it’s 4:00 and you’re walking by a restaurant and their menu looks better than your reservation restaurant – don’t be afraid to change.

This is no problem as people will change/cancel throughout the day. Some will drink too much and not make dinner at all!


Or, Don’t Make Reservations At All!

Don’t have reservations but walking by the Casanova restaurant and really, really liking the smells coming out?

Assuming you are dressed nice enough (Casanova requires pants/close toed shoes) – you can always go up to the restaurant and see if they have openings.

They might say “No”, or they might say “Come back in 45 minutes” but it can be worth your time to ask.

Bella Vista / Beach Grill

There’s always one!

Don’t forget that at each resort, there is always a restaurant that is open for dinner that does not require reservations – you just have to figure out which one and you’ll know that this is always an option.

At Couples Sans Souci you also have a Room Service menu that is open until around 11:00 at night.

Jerk Burger!

Make Reservations in your Birthday Suit!

You’re sitting on Sunset Beach enjoying the wonderful day when your spouse turns to you and says “You know, I’m just not sure I want to eat at 6:30 tonight – let’s eat at 7:30 instead”…

Your gut instinct is “Oh Hell no! I’m not getting dressed and walking all the way up to the lobby just so we can eat an hour later!”

Pallazina outside

And your gut instinct would be right! Our first couple of trips we assumed that was the only way to make reservations so we would wait until we were close to the lobby to swing by and make several reservations at once.

One year we realized – there’s phones all over this resort! Including at Sunset Beach.

Thus, you can pick up a phone anywhere and modify or make reservations – even in your birthday suit!

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