The Couples Airport Lounge

Once you get through Customs and Immigration at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, you are in for a treat as Couples now takes over your vacation for you.

All of the planning, worrying, hustling to catch your flights – it’s all over – you can finally, finally relax!

After passing through the big double doors from Customs, turn left and straight ahead you will see the Couples Airport Lounge.

The Couples Airport Lounge

Here you will check in, drop off all your bags and relax while you wait a few minutes for your bus to be ready.

This is a great time to change into some shorts, grab a Red Stripe from the bar, use the free WiFi and hit the restroom.

You will be waiting here for no more than 20 minutes – usually less than 10 minutes and sometimes – you don’t wait at all as they have a bus ready to go when you arrive.

There is no set schedule as to when the buses leave – they wait until a few couples arrive that are heading in the same direction and then load up and go.

Grab a Red Stripe from the bar at the Couples Airport Lounge

Pee Now! Before The Bus Ride

After a few minutes in the lounge, your bus will be called. You will be asked to identify/match your bags to make sure they are traveling with you to the resort.

This is a good time to use the restroom as you’ll have about an hour before the first stop and those Red Stripes you just slammed will hit you pretty fast.

Red Cap Porters

Once your bus is ready to go, your bags will be taken by the “Red Cap Porters” – these unionized porters will take your luggage from the Couples Lounge to the bus.

They expect $1 per bag. They will be waiting when you return to the airport.

The Bus Ride

We have an entire blog post dedicated to the ride to your resort.