Arrival in Montego Bay!

Here it is! Your flight has just arrived in Montego Bay!

After finding the best deal, searching for airfare, getting a passport, reading all kinds of tips and information about Couples Resorts you have figured out what you need, packed your bag, and successfully navigated an International Airport

Now it’s time to start that vacation!!

Well, almost. If this guy in front of you will ever get his stuff and move! And “oh, my, God! do you see the line at Immigration?”

Once in line, the agent checks your form and realizes – you forgot to fill out the back! So they pull you out of line, while everyone else goes ahead!

Read on to find tips to make your arrival go faster and smoother.

Ready to break out of your shell and start Vacation??!!

Club MoBay Baby!

Are you even the slightest bit impatient and is waiting in a couple of lines going to put a damper on your vacation?

If so, consider purchasing tickets for “Club MoBay”.

For a fee, you will be greeted in person by a Club MoBay employee as you depart your plane. They will check your forms to make sure they look right and then personally escort you through Immigration and Customs – skipping the lines!

It’s like Fast Pass for Immigration and Customs!

On a very busy day (Thursday-Saturday) this can save you as much as 2 hours of time but it is costly – about the cost of another night at the resort.

Club MoBay becomes much more valuable if your trip is short (only a few days) or if you are flying in the busy season on a busy arrival day.

However, if your budget allows for just one – an extra night, or Club MoBay – always pick the extra night.

Club MoBay tickets make excellent gifts to Wedding Participants and Honeymooners.

Pelican! Waiting For you!

Consider the front of the plane

If you are not arriving on a busy day (Tuesday, Wednesday) – you can get through Immigration and Custom’s pretty quickly if you pay to sit at the front of the plane (either in First Class or Comfort+ on Delta)

We have been able to walk straight up to a counter/agent by paying the extra money to be up front. Plus you typically get a free checked bag, drinks and possibly a meal.

Tower Island Main Pool – everyone is STILL waiting for you!


At Immigration, the agent or kiosk will ask you a few questions, scan your passport, take your forms and stamp your passport.

This usually takes no more than a couple of minutes.

*TIP – Take a couple of extra minutes on the plane to scan your form to make sure you filled out everything. Flip it over! Did you remember to fill out the back? If you do not complete the form, the agent checking your form – before you get in line – will make you step out of line to try again while all the passengers behind you now get to go ahead of you!

Tower Island Beach – Your chairs are waiting, but your still at the airport!

Where is your passport!!!

This is where most people lose their passport – you’ve been standing in line holding it for several minutes and you just got it stamped, you’re done with it and you just want to put it away and forget about it and start vacation!!

I’ve got all this stuff, all these papers, this looks like a good spot (jeans, back pocket)… and… It’s lost!

Passports should have one and only one (secure) location and they should always be put right back and immediately secured (zipped).

Mineral Pool At Sans Souci, Note your not in the chair! (Still at Airport)

Grab that Checked Bag

This is where you take a bit of a gamble. Even if you paid for Club MoBay, sat up front, filled your forms out correctly and even if you pushed everyone out of the way at Immigration – if you checked a bag (regretting it now?) – then you now have to retrieve said bag.

Note that even if you paid for Club MoBay – you still have to wait with everyone else to get your bag – but once you have it, they will escort you through Customs too.

In years past this was the great equalizer. Even on slower days, everyone still had to wait for their luggage as things would get very backed up at MoBay and the luggage wouldn’t start arriving until just about everyone on the plane made it through Immigration.

However, things have improved dramatically in the past several years as luggage is now starting to arrive just as we get out of Immigration.

You still have to wait for your bag – which can be up to 20-30 minutes for them to unload the entire aircraft – so if you’re unlucky and your bag is last then it can seem like forever!

This is a good time to use the restroom, turn your phone on, let people know you made it or change into shorts, vacation moo-moos etc…

(One of) My Favorite Spots… But I’m not in it!


Fortunately, Customs is a breeze! Under most circumstances you will have “Nothing to Declare” so you just hand the person your form and pass straight through.

To your left – the big, double doors that will finally, finally take you to your dream vacation!

Couples Lounge

We dedicated an entire post to the Couples Airport Lounge.

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