Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Jamaica is in the tropics and is subject to hurricane season from June 1st to November 30th.

The most active times are from late July to early October.

For this reason – travel insurance is a must during hurricane season.

Fortunately, Jamaica is usually only affected by hurricanes and tropical storms for a few days out of the year and the last storm to really affect the island was hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Hurricane Sandy in 2012

When hurricanes start approaching, Couples resorts will start to implement their hurricane plan. Most guests will change their plans and leave the island entirely.

Others will stay behind to ride it out.

Hurricane Sandy 2012 – Jamaica flooding

The resorts will close all activities down and will keep a limited staff around for the few guests left behind. Service may be interrupted – or non-existent – and due to flooding dangers all guests may be asked to move to a common area.

In 2017 – hurricane Matthew approached Jamaica but just as it was about to hit, it turned north and spared the island – which only suffered just a couple of rainy days.

Note that Haiti was devastated that year as were many islands in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Matthew in 2017

Travel insurance is a must during this time period as it should cover most of your expenses if you need to cancel, change or modify reservations.

Keeping an eye on the weather report is also important – the US National Hurricane Center website will help you plan.

Click Here for the 2018 tropical cyclone outlook.

Current tropical outlook
But don’t change your plans yet!

Hurricanes and tropical storms are very unpredictable as this chart shows Matthews path in 2017.

Path of Hurricane Matthew in 2017 – did not impact Jamaica much except for a lot of rain.
They can even be a blessing in disguise for your vacation!

If a fast moving hurricane or tropical storm just brushes, or comes close to Jamaica – you may be in for luck!

Yes, you might get one day that is rained out – but the next 5-7 days should be beautiful!

The reason – the hurricane will suck all of the energy out of the region and will push any surrounding moisture out of the area completely.