You’ve been looking at the weather report and seeing rain – every day – and you’re getting worried.

Jamaica is a tropical island, so it rains every day. It’s what keeps the island healthy (fresh water) and grows all the delicious food you’re about to ear.

But this also means:

It will rain during your vacation. The only question is – will it actually affect you?

Fortunately, the answer is almost always no as showers are usually brief and clouds dissipate rapidly.

Sunset beach early morning rain storm.

Where we are from, an 80% chance of rain usually means an entire day of clouds. In Jamaica – this means at some point in the day, there is a good chance for some rain.

Sunset at sunset beach that same day.

In Negril – you can almost set your watch to the rain – usually just after lunch for 30 minutes or so – I have been sitting in Negril during a huge down pour thinking the day is ruined only to find it sunny again in 20 minutes.

Ocho Rios

In Ocho Rios – it’s quite a bit different – you will get rain, usually in the afternoon as the clouds will start to gather over the mountains – around 4:00 you may hear thunder in the distance – at that point it’s just hit or miss – sometimes the clouds will move over the resort – other times they won’t. They can start early in the afternoon and be over in 20 minutes or block sunset in the evening.

You can also get morning rain in Ocho Rios but this can be a real blessing as it usually means a very sunny afternoon and an amazing sunset in the evening.

In addition – the resorts in Ocho Rios are several miles east of the city of Ocho Rios (where the weather report is for) – you wouldn’t think this makes much of a difference, but you can see the city from Sans Souci and many times there are rain clouds over the city, but the resort is dry.

Clouds starting to gather over the mountains/Ocho Rios from Couples Sans Souci
20 minutes later, storm over Ocho Rios (Resort Still Dry)
Rain over Ocho Rios (Resort Still Dry)
Starting to clear
All done (about 45 minutes after the first picture)

Only once did we have a full day of rain and it was in Negril as a tropical storm approached.

In 2018, we were in Ocho Rios in November and there were quite a bit of clouds – but very little rain.

Don’t let it ruin your plans!

However – unless you know a serious storm is approaching – do not let it change your plans – showers are usually very brief and can be waited out with a quick drink/snack at the bar.

Hot tubs are still hot, drinks are still cold and the rain itself is usually pretty warm.

If you’re lucky – their will be a rainbow at the end of your day.

Sunset Beach Rainbow
If you know 100% sure it’s going to rain this morning

…and you have not participated in the Dunn’s River Falls trip – this a good day to go – you will get soaked anyway!