Arrival! and Check In

It’s here! You have finally arrived at your resort of choice and you are ready to hit the beach and grab a drink.

The bus driver will unload all of your luggage and wish you well. Note that he is not a Couples Employee, but they will not ask you for a tip – we choose to tip $20 ($10/person) for getting us there safely and uneventful.

Just outside the Lobby to CSS

The Lobby

Depending on which resort you are going to, you might be greeted by musicians, cold towels, sparkling champagne, bar drinks, light snacks and/or all of the above.

Tower Island Entryway

Check In has always gone smooth at Couples Resorts but here are a few tips to make the process go even smoother.

Romance Rewards/Pre-Checkin

Did you remember to pre-checkin online and sign up for Romance Rewards? If so – they should already have all of your flight information, mini bar preferences, reservations and any extras you purchased noted in your information and this should make things go a bit faster.

Couples Negril

Resort Credit

During the check in process, they will give you vouchers of some kind for any resort credit that you are due. This may be from Romance Rewards or credit for booking during a special etc.

Make sure you check these amounts and make sure they are accurate. You can correct these problems later in your stay too, but do not wait until the end and you are checking out as it’s really too late at that point.

Do NOT lose the vouchers (put them in the safe or keep them in your booklet) – these are the only indicator’s of your expected credit – you will present these at the end of your stay – if you lose them, replacing them is a pain.

Tower Island entrance

Where to Use Resort Credit

You can use resort credit for all kinds of things including massages, gift shop purchases, spa services, beauty salon services and extras that you might like during your stay (like Champagne and Flowers in your room).

Make Your Reservations For Special Nights

If you completed the pre-checkin, then you have already picked two reservation nights and you should receive confirmation of these reservations at checkin. If not, you should verify with the reservations desk.

I recommend only making advance reservations for special nights that you have in mind. For example – if you have an anniversary night you are celebrating and you want a very specific restaurant and meal time – then you should go ahead and make those reservations at pre-checkin.

Otherwise, You do not need to make advance reservations for every night of your stay.

If your reservations look good, then I do not recommend making any more reservations at this point in time as your tastes, desires and interests may change and everyone who just checked in is going to be planning to do the same thing so the line will start to form!!

For almost all of the restaurants, you can usually get a reservation near the time you want on the same day – even late in the afternoon – so there’s no need to book everything days in advance.

I recommend you try each restaurant first, then make reservations for your favorites for the rest of the week.

Don’t forget they post the menus outside each restaurant and do not worry if you need to cancel or modify a reservation as changes can be done on the same day as well.

Changing times and/or restaurants is no problem as well – even later in the day.

Your Room Might Not Be Ready

Depending on how early you arrive at the resort, there is a chance that your room might not be ready.

In this case, it is OK to leave all of your luggage with the bell hops. However, we still grab our very few valuables (money/passports/phones) just to insure we have them and there’s no confusion as to their location.

For this reason, we do a bit of packing magic to help in this situation. In our check in bag, we will pack our Beach Bag with everything we need for an afternoon at the beach – complete with sunscreen and any other things we might need including our bathing suits.

We leave the beach bag on the top of everything so it’s easy to get out quickly.

If our room is not ready, we grab the beach bag and a single backpack, load anything that might valuable (passports too!) into the backpack and head to lunch and then the beach.

Typically your room will be ready no later than 1:30-2:00.

Your Mini-Bar might not be stocked

They usually start stocking mini bars in the early afternoon and it takes them all the rest of the day to get every single room taken care of. They might not get to your room until 4:00 or so. If you arrive before then, there’s a good chance it will not be stocked. By 5:00ish they should have everyone’s mini bar done.

Don’t forget to fill out the form every night to get your mini bar re-stocked with special items.