Will you go Au Naturale?

A Guide to Nude Beaches and Nudism with Tips and information for First Timers.

Couples Negril, Sans Souci, and Tower Island all have “Au Naturale” – or – Nude beaches and facilities. These Au Naturale beaches are considered some of the top in Jamaica and people travel from all over the world specifically to spend time at one of these locations – many times after doing exhaustive research.

Will you dare to bare it all and go Au Naturale?

How about just a skinny dip under the stars while the tree frogs serenade you and your S.O.?

What if you want to go, but your spouse is undecided?

Keep reading to find answers and tips for first timers including the best times to go to be alone, and the best places to get some quiet time to adjust and relax.

STOCK PHOTOS AHEAD – Cameras are not allowed

What is Au Naturale?

The term “Au Naturale” means “nude” – as in “Au Naturale Beach” or “nude beach”. There are many terms but in this case, all of them refer to the three “Au Naturale” beaches and facilities at Couples Resorts in Jamaica.

Some might refer to it as skinny dipping but it’s a bit more than that as it can be a really nice spark in an established Couple’s relationship or an exciting new adventure for a new Couple.

It’s also a LOT of fun!

What it is NOT

“Au Naturale” is NOT the same as “Swinger” or “Lifestyle”. We have never encountered swingers or been approached by anyone at a Couples Resort that was interested in that type of behavior. There are other resorts in Jamaica that cater specifically to this crowd if you are interested.

Me When I get to Sunset Beach!

It is also not a free pass for public displays of (sexual) affection. In other words, “Get a Room!” if that’s what you want to do…

Basically, nothing happens on the Au Naturale beach that doesn’t happen on the main beach – unless you play volleyball (more about that later).

The Rules

At Couples Resorts, in order to participate in the Au Naturale facilities, you must be completely nude and you must arrive together as a couple.

NOT Ready for the Au Naturale Beach!

No, you cannot leave your “bottoms” on and just go topless. If you want to just go topless, there are other places at each resort where that is allowed – usually the main beaches or the pier at Tower Island.


You also cannot spend all day wrapped in a towel. It is OK to wrap yourself on the way to the bathroom or when eating, but in general you should follow the spirit of the rule and remove all clothes.

Any exceptions to the rules and you will be asked to leave the area.

My S.O. doesn’t want to go – can I go by myself?

No. You must come together as a couple.

At Tower Island, they will usually not even let you on the boat unless you’re together or they know who you are with.

After you have been there for a while and people have figured out who you are, then it’s fine for one spouse to leave and get a massage or go back to the room for nap etc… But people are going to think you’re a creep if your S.O. is no where to be seen at all and you will get asked to leave.


Use a Towel!

If you are sitting anywhere, it is customary to use a towel to sit on.

Me when I lose my towel!

I have a “personal” problem or medical condition and I need to keep my bottoms on…

Then unfortunately you need to not visit the Au Naturale beaches that day if this is the case.

No Cameras!

There are no cameras allowed in the Au Naturale sections.

If you go early enough, you will be alone and can snap a quick picture or two

So Many Rules…. Why?

This is something you can only truly understand if you have experienced the Au Naturale beaches but the reason is it “levels the playing field”.

Hats are allowed

The concept is simple – we all have flaws; a bit too much skin here, not enough there – scars/moles/defects – no-one is perfect; by having everyone take ALL their clothes off, we are all baring our complete selves – flaws and everything with no reservations.

This creates a unique experience that is not the same when you have even one person who refuses to follow the rules.

The Experience


If you have made it this far, then this means you are at least a little bit interested in trying Au Naturale. Keep reading to learn what to expect, why Couples is a perfect place to give it a try, the best places to set up, and tips for having a wonderful first time.

The Experience is both liberating and empowering

The leap

The first step is a big one. Are we really going to do this? Where do I go? Do I get undressed here? What if I see my neighbor here!

I have seen many couples take two steps inside the Sunset Beach gates or onto Tower Island and quickly turn around!

I have seen others take two steps inside and immediately take their clothes off!

You don’t need to do this…

…Relax, and get settled…

It’s ok. Open the door/step off the pier and relax. You’re at Couples.

Take your time – look around – where do you want to go? You want quiet or do you want to leap right into the party? (Keep reading)

Once you see an empty spot head over and do whatever you would normally do to get set up on the main beach…

Move your chairs, lay out your towels, get the sunscreen and kindle etc.

Swim Up Bar at Sunset Beach

Now pause for 2 seconds to notice something

You’ve been on the beach now for a couple of minutes and a weird thing is happening – no one is staring! In fact, no-one seems to have even noticed that you arrived.

Not even this bird noticed that you’re naked!

Time to undress…

Now it’s time to take the leap.

Yes, you can take your time if you’re nervous.

No, you can’t take 30 minutes!

You’re not going to (literally) get kicked off the island if you don’t get undressed immediately but I would not sit down and get too comfortable until all of your clothes are off.

Relax, get settled

Here it is – that moment

It’s time – you have gotten every last item you could possibly justify getting out of your bag already and you can’t possibly re-arrange your towel one more time to delay before people get suspicious.

It’s time to get naked or leave!

The funny part about this is in almost every first time tale I have heard or read – by this point – the S.O. is way ahead of the game! Already naked and looking at the other as if they’re crazy for still having their clothes on.

Who will have their clothes off fastest? You or your S.O.?

Well, here it is – there goes my bottoms!

And oddly, the wind keeps blowing, the clouds and the ocean do not part and the birds keep chirping…

Nothing changes. No one runs over and says “Look at that!”. No one is gawking and staring and no-one even seems to care that you’re naked at all!

It’s just like being on the main beach except no sticky bathing suit!

In fact – no chapping, bunching up, wedgies or crinkled up body parts (that’s just for the men).

Sunset beach

That’s it?

Well, sort of… It’s funny that before your first time your biggest concern is that other people will stare at you.

But it’s actually just the opposite. YOU Need to learn not to stare at other people.

It can be kinda weird standing next to someone who is also naked for the first time. It’s like being at the gym:

“Don’t look down, don’t look down…”

You get used to it a lot faster than you might think. By the end of the day, you’re a pro. But if you’re worried – sunglasses help!

Tips For Your First Time

We have several tips if this is your first time going Au Naturale or just your first time visiting a Couples Resort.

Yes, you can hide behind stuff! as long as you’re naked…

Go Early in your Trip

If you plan to try it, the number one tip we can provide is give it a try very early in your trip. The first day if you can.

Do not wait until the last day as a wait and see kind of thing.

The reason is very simple – if you don’t like it – no problem – you just go back to the main beach and finish your vacation.

But what if you do like it? What if you like it a lot? What if it changes your vacation for the better?

Now you have no time left…

Don’t get too drunk

A little bit of “liquid encouragement” can be a good thing, but you do not want to be the drunkest person on the island or beaches.

Although the swim up bars can get pretty noisy later in the day, showing up as the drunkest person will get you a lot of stares and could even be dangerous on certain parts of the island.

This is not a lot of fun for the first timer and every time I have seen this happen, the couple usually ended up arguing and did not make it back out to the beaches.

OR – they ended up passing out in the sun where they quickly got sunburned and dehydrated and then vomited all over the bathroom. Not cool, Not cool at all – “There’s Good Naked, and Bad Naked”.

Be careful around sharp things!

Go Early

It’s possible to go early enough to both Couples Negril and Sans Souci and be the only ones on the beach.

Usually people will start to arrive around 7:30 when the restaurants open.

At Tower Island – the first boat usually leaves around 8:30. Tower Island will fill up faster, but you can still get a good 30 minutes to an hour where you are almost alone.

This is a great time to give it a try without the worry of a bunch of people seeing you.

Go Early in the morning and you can be the only ones on the beach

“Go to the Right”

At both Couple Tower Island and Sans Souci there are quieter areas to the right of the facilities/tower.

In these areas you will find fewer chairs, fewer people and a much quieter vibe.

The only down side is the bar and bathrooms are a long walk away.

Not the quiet area at Sunset Beach

Visit during After Hours

If none of this is really sounding like it’s helping and especially if you’re reading this and thinking – “there’s no way my S.O. is going to agree to this” – then the last tip we have is to give a night time skinny dip a try.

This can be a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing that can be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Tower Island will be closed at night, but Sunset Beach and Couples Negril will be open all night so if you want to take a peak – a late night venture might be just perfect!

Taking a swim while nude is one of the best parts

Act like a pro!

Knowing just a couple of details about each resort can also be helpful for the first timer. Here’s some tips unique to each resort.

Couples Negril

If you’re at Couples Negril, and it’s very crowded in the AN area, or you really want to give it a try but you are extremely nervous – you can get away with doing this:

Walk up to the very first empty lounger with floats. Quickly undress, grab a float, wrap it around you and head straight into the water.

Yes! You can hide in the pool/ocean…

This quick move can only be done at Couples Negril so take advantage!

The shadiest area at Negril is on the left side (facing the ocean) – the sunnier side is to the right.

Couples Sans Souci

If all the palapas are taken and you’re standing at the gate trying to figure out where to find shade – take a look straight ahead.

You will see a big concrete circle with some chairs, shade and some loungers near by.

Pool fills up fast and gets crowded

This is a great place to set up if you can’t find a palapa or umbrella to sit under and it’s close to the entrance so you do not have to navigate a beach or pool full of naked people trying to find a spot.

A Palapa – notice all the shade from the trees

In addition, this spot is behind the line of palapas and a straight, short walk to the bar/bathroom without passing in front of all the palapas.

Couples Tower Island

The shady, gazebo areas fill up very fast. Get up early if you want to grab one of these primo spots.

The gazebos to the right of the tower are especially nice.

There is no such thing as reserving spots on tower island so it is first come first serve.

If it’s your first time, it’s worth it to get up early to grab one of these spots as you will likely have it to your selves for most of the day.

Island Gazebo

If you’re arriving late, the outside perimeter of the pool/island is one of the very last places to set up with shade.

Last places to set up

If you arrive even later, and you’re not seeing any place at all to set up consider two options:

See the chairs next to the tower…

1> Set up directly next to / under the tower – this area might already be full but if it’s not, it’s a great area to setup as you will have afternoon shade and it’s a short walk to the bar and bathrooms.

Not a bad spot to end up at…

2> If all of these options are not working out – you have one final way to enjoy the island – just go swimming! Find a chair (any chair) – undress, and head straight to the pier/beach – or the steps over to the right – and into the water (just remember your water shoes).

Bottom of the steps – best place to swim naked!


If you’re staying at Tower Island (aka “Sapphire Island”) then there is a very special treat in store for you if you dare to go bare.

You can climb the tower! This is one of the coolest things at all the Couples Resorts – and you get to do it naked!


Tips For the Undecided Spouse

First, if it’s a non starter then it’s best to just drop it and move on. Do not worry – your Couples vacation will still be amazing – just not naked amazing!

…Wait, you’re still reading… were you expecting me to give you tips on how to convince your S.O. to go naked!??!

That’s a tall order…

Ok I’ll give it a shot – since you must really, really want to go Au Natural if you’re STILL reading this post.

People we know will See us and it will be Awkward!

If this is the biggest complaint from your S.O. then guess what – they’re right! It will be a bit awkward for the first few minutes.

So – how do you deal with this?

Simple – you sign up for Romance Rewards and you “Trade Places” for the day. This way you will not see the same people from your resort and you can quietly give it a try and exit if it’s not for you and no-one is the wiser.

This is actually how we ended up trying it our first time – we traded places to Tower Island – saw the amazing island off shore and decided – “Meh – what the hell – not like we know anyone here.”

What if I get “Excited”

Well, you will! But not in “that” way. This is usually the biggest concern of guys.

If your S.O. is concerned about this then ask them – do you get “excited” at the gym?

The answer will be “no” and that’s exactly how it is at an Au Naturale beach – very similar to the gym. Even though there are members of the opposite sex around it just doesn’t really happen.

Except maybe for the guy who decided to drink too much before coming over!

More Rainbow

Other People will be looking at Me (or You!)

Yes, they will look. But it will not be in “that” way.

The people who have been there for a while have seen it all. Literally every shape, size, scar, flaw, mole etc… and after a while they all literally start to look the same.

For the newbs, after just a few hours – the same thing will happen to you and once you get over the initial “excitement” you will also stop looking as well.

In addition – you are at a Couples Resort – and remember that everyone at the Au Naturale beach must arrive together as a Couple so no-one will be flirting, staring or making you uncomfortable in any way.

This experience is all about you and your S.O. and it’s also the same for the other Couples that are here as well.

All shapes and sizes on the Au Naturale Beaches

I’m NOT in shape and too old for being NAKED!

This is one I have heard a lot and believe me – it’s not even close to reality.

You will literally find every size, shape and age on the Au Naturale beach.

What you will NOT find are any perfect bodies as that is not realistic and no-one has a perfect, flawless body – especially when naked! (Starting to understand the rules now).

Ok, there was that ONE time that models came out, but it turned out they were the models for the Couples Videos so that time doesn’t count.

There have even been nude weddings!

This all sounds wonderful, but I’m STILL Nervous!

If you have made it this far and you are still nervous then I have some reading for you:


This thread on the Couples web site will give you lots and lots reading material to help you decide if Au Naturale really is for you. Come back after you have read the entire thing!

Rainbow on SSB

The Final Thoughts on Au Naturale

If you’re still reading and still undecided then my advice is simple – take your countdown, add 2 days to it and know that you will be sitting naked on a beach in that number of days!

If your curiosity has kept you this interested then it’s likely you have already decided.

Trust me on this one – no-one at home will know – but you and your S.O. will have a unique, first time experience you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

You will only meet very friendly and nice people who will happily leave you alone to be by yourselves if that’s your desire.

Come visit us at the pool when you get bored!