Choosing A Room Type

Figuring out what room to choose (and pay for!) can be a challenge when planning a vacation – especially at an all inclusive resort.

At an all inclusive beach vacation you have to decide on budget, ocean view (partial or obstructed), proximity to activities and restaurants and noise factors.

Wanting a view like this?

Fortunately – when planning a vacation to an adults only, couples only resort like Couples Resorts in Jamaica, these decisions are a bit easier to make.

If you’re not sure what kind of room you should book at Couples Resorts, then keep reading to find out.

First, Consider the budget

If you are constrained by budget, but not by time – then I suggest booking the cheapest room for the longest amount of time you can stay.

Trust me on this one. It’s tempting to look at the pictures on the web site and feel like you really, really need the fabulous ocean view from your room – But if time is not an issue, but your budget is, then you should book the cheapest room for as many nights as you can afford.

Garden view isn’t so bad with plants like these to look at!

The reason is simple – you will spend very little time in your room and every room at a Couple’s resort features the same comfortable furniture, mattresses, bedding and amenities. There also are no “Levels” like at the superclubs – all Couples guests receive the exact same resort amenities no matter which room you book – including a fully stocked mini-bar.

As you go up in price, you are paying for room size, view and proximity to the beach. Don’t get me wrong – you get what you pay for, but I suggest maxing out your days first, then spend money on room upgrades.

D Block from the Main Beach

It is worth taking a peak at the other room types as many times the difference in price can be as little as $10-20 per night and the view or extra space might be worth the difference.

Staying at Tower Island?

Tower Island is the easiest resort to choose room types as all of their rooms are either “Garden View” or “Ocean View”.

Almost all Ocean view rooms at Tower Island have a view of the pier and/or Island

From there, you are just choosing the size of your room and simultaneously the location of the room.

Garden view rooms are the cheapest at this resort and should be your first choice. The views are still nice and consist of the interior courtyard, spa, trees and grassy areas (NOT a view of the parking lot like most “garden view” rooms you may encounter).

View of the main building from the island

Deluxe Ocean rooms are near the main pool or fitness center and overlook the beach, pier and main pool – they are on lower floors so there might be a tree trunk in your way but otherwise you should have nice views of the ocean.

Superior Ocean rooms are located on the edges of the resort and have partial or obstructed views of the ocean – however – these rooms are much quieter as you will not have the noise of the main pool or fitness center/restaurants.

View of the Island from Premier Ocean Room

The Premier Ocean rooms are very large and have wonderful on-obstructed views of the ocean. The rooms are also higher up so you have fantastic views of the ocean and the island.

If you’re on a luxury vacation and want to “Treat Your Self” consider the Ocean Junior Suite or the One Bedroom Ocean Suite. These very large rooms have wonderful bathrooms with large windows and very large balconies over looking the ocean and the island.

The Spa Villas!

For the ultimate in luxurious pampering consider staying in the Oasis Spa Villa – which is an entire luxury spa experience, only available at Couples Tower Island:

Our brand-new Oasis Spa Villas are airy, ultra-private retreats located just steps from the award-winning Oasis Spa. Featuring a private sun terrace, personal plunge pool, and sumptuous bedding, each luxurious, 493-square-foot villa offers the ultimate Caribbean spa experience. Guests enjoy private round-trip airport transfers, in-villa check-in, and a custom spa itinerary featuring unlimited spa services selected in consultation with our spa concierge.

From Couples Tower Island website
Spa Villa at Tower Island

Couples Negril

At Couples Negril, you have a similar choice of room types as Tower Island.

The cheapest rooms are the “Garden View” rooms. These rooms have a lovely view of the small fish ponds, plants, spa and trees and nice balcony to sit on to enjoy the gardens.

These rooms are also very quiet with very little foot traffic and little to no noise from the restaurants and activities.

Deluxe Ocean rooms are identical to the Garden view rooms except they are located a bit closer to the beach and as such will have a partial (and I mean partial) view of the ocean. You typically have to look left or right to see the ocean from your room and it just depends on where in the building you are located as to how easy it is to see.

There’s an ocean behind these trees!

If you haven’t guessed by now, at Couples Negril, you are gradually paying to be slightly closer to the beach. Thus, the Deluxe Beachfront room is identical to the Deluxe Ocean, but you are even closer to the beach. If you get lucky and get just the right room, you can be just a dozen or so steps away from the beach.

If you are looking for a luxury beach vacation then the very best rooms at Couples Negril are the Beachfront Suites. These beautiful rooms are located at the very ends of the buildings closest to the beach and offer wonderful views of the water and the beach. You can literally walk out of your room and straight onto the beach.

In fairness though – the beach is pretty large so all of the rooms are still somewhat far away from where the ocean meets the beach – even the beachfront suites. This is nice though because if you do decide to stay in the beachfront suite, you will not have other guests setting up right outside your room.

I just saw a naked butt!!

Note that at Couples Negril, building 9 is very close to the Au Natural section and in some of these rooms, you can see into the Au Natural area from your balcony.

Negril Beach looking left from AN Beach

Many of the guests who plan to go to the Au Natural beach will request this building so it’s unlikely you will be put there if you don’t request it.

Sans Souci

Picking a room at Couples Sans Souci can be a bit of a challenge as Sans Souci was originally a group of townhomes and was later converted into a hotel.

You’ll have to use these stairs every day if you stay in D block or higher…

Thus, every single room at Sans Souci is unique and there are pros and cons to each room block. Factor in the stairs and it’s not the simplest choice.

For this reason, we have dedicated an entire Blog Post on Sans Souci rooms to pick the best room for your needs.

Swept Away

With 8 different room types and several buildings to choose from – Swept Away also offers a complex range of choices.

Garden Verandah Suite at Swept Away

We have dedicated an entire blog post to picking the best room type at Swept Away.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what you type of room you should book for your Couples Resorts vacation.

Still Having Sticker Shock?

If you still are not finding a room/price that works for your budget – have you considered traveling in the off season?

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