CSS Beaches

The beaches at CSS are unique in many ways. They are not like the wide open beaches that you have at Couples Negril and Swept Away.

However, they are private, kept very clean, and are close enough to the bars that they have beach service for drinks.

Main Beach at CSS

Set in a small cove, CSS has a small main beach, a 2nd beach at Sunset Beach, and a “hidden beach” at the mineral pool/drift away.

CSS Main Beach

The beach sand is a bit rougher than in Negril and has some shells mixed in but it’s clean and easy on your feet.

Hermit Crab in the sand

Main beach

The main beach is set right in the middle of the resort and is near the main pool, hot tub, swim up bar and the beach bar – so finding a shady place to sit or a cold drink should never be a problem.

CSS Main Beach

The main pool can get pretty crowded but the main beach will almost always have open shady spots. If you cannot find a spot, talk to water sports as they will find chairs for you and set them up.

D Block from the Main Beach

Sunset beach

Sunset beach is the Au Naturel beach located on the far end of the property and away from all of the guests rooms. It is surrounded by a gate that opens at ~6:45am.

Sunset Beach

You must be nude and together as a couple to stay on Sunset Beach before 5:00 (6:00 in the summer months).

At 5:00 – the beach becomes “clothing optional” – which means guests are allowed to visit without being required to take their clothes off. If it’s a nice evening, it is well worth making the trip over to Sunset beach for sunset.

Sunset at sunset beach.

Sunset beach is in a location where the White River empties into the ocean. This creates a unique natural habitat where you will find all kinds of different birds and animals.

White River near Sunset Beach

Because the river is so cold and mixes with the ocean, the water near the beach can also be somewhat cold – you can walk around and see and feel where the water is mixing.

There are sea urchins in the water closest to the peninsula on the right but you should be ok near the river and in the ocean where the river and ocean meets.

For more information on Sunset beach – read our blog post.

For more information Sea Urchins – read our blog post.

The “Hidden Beach”

Just might be my favorite beach at CSS. I will leave the clues to finding this beach in the following photos.

Drift Away
Mineral Pool
Waterfall at CSS
Hidden Beach – this is the best place to swim at CSS

If you still don’t know where this is – read our blog post.

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