Keith’s Bamboo Crew!

If you are staying at Couple’s Sans Souci, there is a very special excursion you can take with Keith’s Bamboo Crew.

“Spend a relaxing day floating on a bamboo raft and drinking Red Stripe while we prepare a feast of Lobster (Season permitting), fish, jerk chicken and local vegetables for your pleasure (Vegetarian option available).” (

Keith and his crew loading passengers for a trip up the White River.

You can also take this tour from Couple’s Tower Island, but you will need to “Trade Places” to Sans Souci, or take a taxi to Shaw Park Beach to catch a raft.

Leaving sunset beach to go up river.

This is a really fun excursion that I highly recommend as Keith is a personal friend and will make sure your trip is safe, happy and a load of fun!

Keith on his cousin Leon’s raft.

The crew will use poles to take you up the White River where you will stop for a break at a small bar. Here you can grab Red Stripe or mixed drinks for the ride back down the river.

View along the White River.

Half way back you will stop at Keith’s spot on the river.

Keith’s spot on the White River.

Here you will dis-embark for lunch.

Fresh caught Lobster, Jerk Chicken, Fish and Red Stripe

This excursion takes about 3 hours but includes lunch. You will leave around 11:30 and be back before 3:00.

You will find Keith on sunset beach as he is also part of the clean up crew that keeps the beach clean. Just ask for him.

You can also call him to arrange a tour.

Keith on his cousin Leon’s raft.

Tours leave daily from Couples Sans Souci Sunset Beach / Shaw Park Beach and take about 3 hours to complete including lunch.

View along the White River near the Fishermans Village.

Give Keith a 24 hour notice if you want to have the full lunch meal.

View along the White River.

Trips without lunch can also be arranged at anytime.

Look for Keith’s rock on SSB.

The river is usually a deep, bright green but occasionally storms will turn the river brown. Do not let this discourage you as the trip is still amazing! You just don’t have the best pictures to show your friends.

View along the white river when the river was brown.