The Mineral Pool and Grotto at CSS

Mineral Pool

The mineral pool is one of our favorite places at Couples Sans Souci. It is located near Charlie’s Spa and the fitness center.

This area is especially beautiful in the early mornings, evenings and late at night. During the middle of the day the concrete tends to get pretty hot but the coldness of the pool can make it a very refreshing dip.

Mineral Pool – Smoothie Bar in background – Fitness Center to the left

There is a veggie bar here that has sandwiches and panninis, smoothies and other drinks like vitamin water.

Mineral Pool lookng towards ocean

The pool itself is filled with mineral water from the springs that flow into the resort. After soaking in the pool for 20-30 minutes your skin will start to feel soft.

Mineral Pool Rainbow

We love to turn our chairs around so that we have a view of the ocean.

Mineral Pool
Mineral Pool View
Flowers at the mineral pool

Mineral Grotto

CSS has a mineral grotto where you can soak your feet. There are small fish in the grotto that may come and bite on your feet.

Mineral Grotto @ CSS

This is in a beautiful location and well worth a visit.

The mineral grotto

It is located just next to the gym and the mineral pool.

There can be a lot of mosquitoes if you go in the evening.

Hidden hot tub

The “hidden hot tub” is located here as well – there are steps leading away from the pool that will take you to this hot tub that is usually empty.

The “Hidden” Hot Tub

Sauna and the Hidden Beach (“Drift Away”)

The “Hidden” beach – also known as Drift Away – is a tiny beach just off the mineral pool that is usually quiet. The “beach” is usually underwater at high tide but will have about 10 feet or so of beach during low tide.

Drift Away

There is a sauna next to the beach entrance and it is a great place to soak and then go for a swim.

Looking at the hidden beach

This is an amazing place to sit in the early morning as you ready yourself for the sauna and a swim in the ocean.

The best place to swim/float

This is the best place to swim!

This is by far – the best place to swim at the entire resort. You will find deeper water with a sandy bottom. The water may be a bit cold due to the spring water coming out near beach but this can be very refreshing on a hot day.

Beat place to swim and float!

Skinny dipping!

It happens here – usually at the hidden hot tub, but sometimes the mineral pool may have a couple skinny dipping late at night.

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