No Tipping! (Sort of)

Couples Resorts has a strict No Tipping policy for all of their employees and you should honor this policy.

The reason for this policy, as explained by management, is that while you may encounter several employees during your stay and some may be very front and center – like bartenders, servers and housekeeping – and while they may give you an excellent presentation – they could not do their job so well without an entire team of people to keep the bars stocked, plates cleaned, laundry done, grounds/beach swept, prep cooks, su chefs… You get the idea as the list goes on.

Instead – Couples has a profit sharing program where all of their employees participate equally.

View of the Main Beach from the Beach Grill at Sans Souci

If you offer a tip, you will get mixed reactions – many will not resist the temptation, but others will kindly refuse.

This is enforced at all of their resorts, and you will NOT get preferential treatment by tipping employees as all of the employees should be giving you impeccable service at all times.

You said “No Tipping!??!”

So – why is this guy with a Red Cap staring at me expecting a tip?

Remember that this policy only applies to Couples employees and not everyone you will encounter is a Couples employee.

Red Cap Porters

The “Red Cap Porters” are the first people you will encounter that will expect a tip. These unionized porters will take your luggage from the Couples Lounge to the bus that will take you to the resort.

They expect $1 per bag. They will be waiting when you return to the airport.

Tower Island Main Beach

Bus Driver

We always tip the bus driver $10/person unless they do an outstanding job and talk about the local towns along the way or they’ll play some reggae music for you – in that case, we’ll add another $5 to the total – so $25.

If the bus driver isn’t that great; drives really, really slow; or does something like stop for gas/cigarettes on the way to the resort then they might only get $10 total. (That doesn’t count the planned bathroom stop – I mean we’re on our way from the airport and oops, sorry – 15 minute stop for gas/cigarettes)

Read our blog post on the Bus Ride to learn more.


You will see lot’s of musicians at the resort – they are not Couples employees either and it’s nice to give them a couple dollars or more as they won’t ask or go out of their way for tips.

Sunset on Sunset Beach!

*TIP – If you are staying at Couples Sans Souci – you must make it to Sunset Beach for sunset so you can hear Clive play his saxophone on the beach.

Spa Services

While they are Couples Employees, we tip for Spa Services – especially when they do a great job on a massage. The ladies do such a wonderful job to make it an amazing experience I feel they deserve it. At most places it is usually customary to tip for all spa services that you pay extra for.

The Spa at Couples Negril

Taxi Drivers

If you venture off the resort on your own, taxi drivers will typically expect a tip.

However, for the free excursions – Dunn’s River, Trading Places, YS Falls – many times the driver’s on these excursions are Couples Employees.

The Blue Hole


On many of the excursions – included or not, you will encounter guides and people who may expect a tip.

For example, while the bus ride to Dunn’s River and entrance fee are included with your stay at a Couples Resort, the guide who will take you up the waterfall will expect a tip.

Keiths Bamboo Crew – An excursion you MUST do! (Tip your boat captain)

This is true as well with the Blue Hole, 9 Mile and many of the other attractions you might visit.

These guys work hard to earn their money so we have no problem tipping them for a job well done.

However – be wary of the DVD/Film offers – these are mostly a hustle as the quality will not be that great.

Ok, How Much Cash do I need?

With all this tipping – how much cash do I need to bring?

Read out blog post to find out!