Sand Fleas! Ewwwaa!

Sand fleas are common on just about every beach on the planet – including Jamaica. They come out mostly at night but can also come out just after a good rain storm.

A lot of people have blamed couples for “bed bugs” in their room when in fact they were bitten by sand fleas on the beach.

It’s easy to tell:

If it’s mostly only your ankles and the spots are somewhat concentrated and itch like crazy

…Then it’s sand fleas. 

The problem is you will not feel them when they bite – you won’t even notice until the next morning when your ankle won’t stop itching.

How to Avoid

Spray your ankles/lower legs with DEET before walking in the sand after dark, and after a rain storm and you should have no problems.

If you stay on the concrete/grassy areas or go straight to the water you also shouldn’t have any issues.

The sand fleas are not present in the area where the waves are breaking/crashing to shore so if you stand with your feet in the water (even a little) you should be fine.

They are very active in the deeper sand where the loungers are (again – only at night and after rain).

If you do get bit

Bring after bite or hydrocortisone just in case.

If a female bites you and lays her eggs (very rare), you will need to see a Dr. to have them removed (See link below for more medical information).

More information on sand fleas and how to treat their bites.

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