A Block, G Block? Which one is Best?

Trying to decide where you would like to stay at Couples Sans Souci can be quite the challenge.

The resort is built into the cliffs and each room “Block” has advantages and disadvantages.

To add to the confusion, There are 7 different room types to choose from – and each type is spread around in different room blocks.

The rooms are very unique and choosing carefully can make a big difference in how well your vacation goes.

View from D Block

How to decide

First – consider mobility:

As mentioned in a former post, Sans Souci has a lot of stairs. If you have any mobility issues that limit you from using stairs at all, then this resort may not be best suited for you. It is possible to stay here, but you will want to book a lower level “One Bedroom Beachfront Suite” and you may need to call the van for assistance going up and down the hills. The only elevator is in the Tower near the spa and requires going up a few steps to get into. If this concerns you – consider staying at Tower Island or Couples Negril which are more handicap accessible.

If you can handle at least a couple of flights of stairs – then you can consider staying in C or D Block. D Block is 3 flights of stairs up from the main beach and offers 3 different room types – “Deluxe Ocean”, “One Bedroom Ocean Suite” and two of the Penthouse Suites are located in D Block.

If stairs are not an issue for you – then read on to see more pros and cons to each room block before deciding.


Second – consider Proximity:

A/B block are close to almost everything. The main beach and pool are just steps away. Pallazzina and Bella Vista are also just steps away.

These two blocks are also the closest to SSB – the Au Naturel Beach.

This is great when you are hungry or want to run back to your room in a hurry.

C/D blocks are closest to the mineral pool and are just 3 flights of stairs away from A/B block and the main areas.

E/F/G blocks are the farthest away with G block being way up on the cliffs.

A/B Block are on the same level as the main beach, Pallazzina and Bella Vista – C/D Blocks jut out into the ocean to the left – and E/F/G block is farthest to the left

Next – consider quiet:

Do you want it to be very, very quiet in your room?

If so – G block is by far the quietest of all the blocks.

A/B block tend to be the noisiest because of the main pool and restaurants with C/D block right behind – all of these blocks are noisiest during the theme nights but are quiet once the resort goes to bed.

E/F are a mix – they are very quiet during most of the day – but from about 9:00-11:00pm – the balloon bar will be swinging (sometimes literally) and it can get very noisy.  It doesn’t always quiet down by 11:00 either.

The Viewfor some people – the most important aspect

CSS states that all of their rooms face the ocean and have an ocean view – this is true – but you might have a big tree in the way (or several) – or the ocean may be off in the distance.

By far – the best views at Sans Souci are in G Block (you reap the rewards of all those steps) – long distance, fabulous views of the ocean, mountains and surroundings. Most of the view is un-obstructed in all rooms.

G Block views go on for miles

E/F are right behind with D block upper floors rivaling some views in G Block, but some rooms may have several layers of vegetation between you and the ocean.

There are a few rooms in C/D Block that really have no view of the ocean at all unless you strain your neck.

Sunset from D Block

A/B block – while you can see the ocean – you have about an acre of land between your balcony and the ocean – and you are level with the ocean so the views are hit or miss. One room’s balcony in B block looks straight into Pallazzina.

View from B Block

Also consider the balcony size

The “Deluxe Ocean Suite” rooms in C Block do not have a balcony but instead have an enclosed sun room.

Deluxe Ocean Suite room with sunroom.

“One Bedroom Ocean Suite” rooms have small balconies with just a small table and chairs. You trade in the balcony space for a very large, awesome two person bathroom.

One Bedroom Ocean Suite Bathroom

The “Beachfront ocean suites” in A/B block have small, but functional balconies that have a view of the main pool or lawn and the main beach in the background.

The “Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite” rooms are scattered in D, E, F and G Block – these rooms have very large balconies with loungers and a larger table and chairs.

The penthouses have very large balconies! They include an eating and lounging area.

Still Can’t Decide?

At this point if nothing calls out to you, then go ahead and book the cheapest room and see what happens.

Ugh, Don’t like this room!

If you don’t like the room they assign you, ask to be moved. They will let you take a peak at what’s available and let you choose an alternative (in the same room category).

if you do move, they will move your stuff for you so it’s “no problem”.

Every room in unique at Sans Souci so there are pros and cons to every single location.

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