The Island

Tower island is a wonderful resort but what makes it unique is  Sapphire Island ( #SapphireIsland ) – the little tiny island just off shore.

Tower Island from Room 3214

During the day the island is AN and all guests must be fully nude and arrive together as a couple in order to participate.

If you’re nervous – read our post for first time AN tips.

Finding shade can be a challenge on the island so going early can give you the best chance of finding a good spot.

The island is pretty small, but large enough for a pier, small tower (you can climb the tower! #climbthetower ), pool, swim up bar and bathroom (note, there is only one stall that both men and women share).

The tower balcony – entrance at the bottom
You can climb the tower!
View from the Tower
View from the Tower

There is a tiny beach next to the pier and stairs that will take you down into the water but the area is a bit rocky and can have sea urchins nearby so water shoes are a must.

View of Bayside and Main buildings from Tower Island

The swim up bar and pool can get very crowded and can be quite the party. If this doesn’t sound like fun, no worries – simply go to the right as you arrive on the island and you will find a much quieter area. The tower itself even blocks most of the noise and smoke from the swim up bar so this can be an especially relaxing area.

You can explore the entire island, but be careful on the tile areas.

Note that when the resort is busy, finding a good shady spot can be a bit of a challenge so getting up and going early can really help. The first boat usually goes over around 9:00.

The last boat leaves at 5:00. If you are not on the last boat – you will be swimming back! (Just kidding – they will make sure you get off – you can choose to swim back, but bring a floaty as it’s farther than you think.)

View from the last canopy to the right
But I don’t want to go AN – how can I still see the island?

If AN is not your thing. You do have a couple of options for seeing the island.

  • Pay for the private island dinner! This is worth every penny. You and your significant other will dine alone on the island with a personal waiter and drink service. You will get a fabulous lobster and steak dinner and can spend extra time walking around, climbing the tower and looking at the stars. This is a fantastic experience I highly recommend.
  • Go for a quick tour, just don’t sit down. If you go over on the first boat you can quickly tour the island without committing to going AN and you should have few minutes before too many people start arriving to take a quick walk around. Later in the day you can try this, but if you stay too long, the bartender’s going to tell you to take your clothes off or leave.
  • Crash a wedding! Just kidding – but if you’re lucky enough – one of your friends has booked the island for their wedding and you are tagging along. Don’t worry – most of the weddings are not AN (most).
My favorite spot – just at the bottom of the stairs to the ocean
View of Bayside from the Tower
Be careful near the edges as a miss step will hurt
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