Sunset Beach @ Couples Sans Souci Resort

Sunset Beach (SSB) is Couples Sans Souci’s Au Naturele facilities.

If you are not familiar with Au Naturale Beaches, read our blog post for tips on your first Au Naturale experience.

Similar to Tower Island, sunset beach includes a pool with swim up bar, hot tub, grill, palapas and a very large beach area.

The white river empties into the ocean at this location and it creates a unique environment where many birds and fish will congregate.

Pool and Swim up bar at SSB

Across the river is shaw park beach – a public beach that is usually not too crowded but occasionally a festival will be hosted there and the beach can get pretty busy.

Shaw Park Beach

People will not come over to sunset beach from Shaw Park, but if you are on the beach, people can still see you. There are enough trees and hedges that people cannot see you if you are at the pool or around the palapas.


SSB currently opens at ~6:45am and closes at some time very late in the middle of the night. While it is closed, the staff will use the time to clean everything and remove any items that have been left behind.

Sunset on sunset beach

This is to prevent a reoccurring problem of people reserving loungers in the middle of the night. So far this policy has been pretty effective as finding a shady spot at any time has not been a problem.

SSB becomes “Clothing Optional” at 5:00 (or 6:00 depending on the time of year)

At 5:00, SSB becomes clothing optional. This means that all guests of Sans Souci are allowed to come onto Sunset beach without having to take their clothes off.

However, this does not mean that the nudists at sunset beach need to cover up. This has caused confusion among guests in the past as there are at least a couple of trip advisor reviews with people stating how surprised they were to find nude guests after 5:00.

Sunset at sunset beach.

SSB is open (almost) 24 hours and many of the AN guests will take advantage of this fact so finding someone nude on the beach at any time of day should not be a surprise.

Grill/Buffet Lunch At SSB

The grill is open from ~11:00-5:00.

The buffet lunch starts around 11:30 and is usually picked pretty clean by 1:00.

They will make you fresh burgers, patties, french fries and a few other items at anytime and there is always nachos and a couple of other snack items (Cucumber salad) that are also always available.

Reserving Loungers

This is about reserving a chair at some point in the dead of night – only to leave that chair empty for most of the morning while you sleep in.

It’s really not necessary as there are plenty of great spots so just don’t do it!

If getting that specific spot is really, really important to you – then show up at 6:45 and join us!

No-one will care if you leave your stuff to go get breakfast, lunch or a massage but people do seem to get upset when it’s 6:45am and half the chairs have been claimed over night.


Occasionally there will be a wedding on SSB. If this happens, they may close all of SSB at 3:00pm. Fortunately, this has only happened once in all of our trips.

After Parties

You can pay to have a personal after party with you and some of your friends/guests. They will provide a bartender and lights/music.

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