The CSS Pond

CSS has a pond in the middle of the resort where a lot of wildlife and amazing plants are found.

There is a jogging and biking trail that has a mostly pebble surface and goes around the pond, past the SSB gate and over to the tennis courts and bike rack where they have bikes you can use.

You can just grab a bike and go!

The tennis courts are over here as well and you may see the staff and some locals playing a round of soccer/football in the grassy area.

It gets pretty hot during the day though so if you plan to job or play tennis, you might want to go early in the morning.

There are fish and turtles in the pond – and a lot of birds will come including pelicans, kingfisher and hummingbirds.

You can save your scraps and feed the turtles (the turtles love banana peels!) and fish – the pelicans will try to catch the fish after you throw your scraps.

The kingfisher may actually pick up your scrap, and use it as bait to lure a fish up.

Turtles in CSS pond

The parrots Crackers and Anita are also over here and you can visit with them.

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