The Many Stairs at Sans Souci

There are a lot of stairs at Sans Souci. The resort was built into the surrounding cliffs and landscape instead of clear cutting a large area.

Stairs to D Block from the mineral pool/spa

The difference in height from the beach level to the top rooms is about 9-10 stories.

However, this creates fantastic long distance, ocean views for the guests staying in these rooms.

View from the cliffs at Sans Souci

Fortunately, the stairs are broken up with ramps in between and landings to stop and enjoy the view.

Sans Souci Stairs

Many traveler’s complain about the number of stairs but if you really are concerned – or have mobility issues – then make sure to book a “One Bedroom Beachfront Suite.” These rooms are in A and B block and are located right next to the main pool, beach and 2 of 3 restaurants.

A/B block behind the main beach.

From these rooms you can pretty much eliminate the need to go up and down more than a couple of flights of stairs.

If you’re not sure – book a One Bedroom Ocean Suite room and request C or D Block – these rooms are in the middle and have 3 flights of stairs to get to the main level.

There’s an elevator in the tower.

If you need help – you have a couple of options – there is an elevator in the tower that will take you from the main lobby level down to the mineral pool/spa area.

Or – You can call the front desk and they have a van that can drive you up and down to the main areas.

View from the top of the tower.
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