Couples Resorts Water Sports

“Everything is included”, but what does that mean for water sports?

At all Couples Resorts all of your activities are included in the price of your stay – even use of all of the water sports equipment, snorkeling and diving trips and use of Hobie Cat sailboats.

Scuba Diving

Couples Resorts offers a very extensive menu of scuba diving options – even the ability to get PADI certified while on vacation! Daily diving trips are incuded, but many of the classes have fees associated.

Scuba diving is such a big part of some people’s vacation that we have dedicated an entire blog post just to Scuba offerings at Couples Resorts.

Snorkeling/Glass Bottom Boat

Snorkeling and/or glass bottom boat tours are typically offered twice a day at all of the resorts. Usually lasting an hour, these trips can fill up fast depending on the time of the year so it’s a good idea to go ahead and get your name on the list to go the next day.

You will ride in the boat for about 15 minutes and you’ll have about 30 minutes to snorkel. They’ll let you stay a bit longer if you’re having a lot of fun. No problem!

At Sans Souci and Tower Island, they take you out to a reef near a sunken boat!

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boards are available for use at any time. You do not need to sign up in advance but most resorts only have 3 or 4 so there will be times when they are all being used. You should still be able to get all the paddle board time you desire though as there will be many times – especially later in the day when no one is using any. You just have to let water sports know you’re interested.

These are a lot of fun at Sans Souci and Couples Negril, but at Tower Island and Swept Away the waves can be a bit rough.

At Sans Souci, the bay can be calm enough in the mornings that you can do yoga on the paddle boards.


Another water sports activity available is kayaking. Each resort will have several and they are almost always available to take out.

The kayaks work really well at every resort as they are built to break through the waves and even against a strong wind they are still some what easy to paddle.

This is our go to activity when we want to get some exercise because if you get hot, you just jump in the water.

At Tower Island, you can kayak around Sapphire Island but you might see more than one full moon! The islanders might even harass you!

At Sans Souci, they do not like you to leave the roped in area and trying to kayak to Sunset Beach will get you a stern scolding.

At Couples Negril, they’ll let you kayak all over bloody bay.


Windsurfing is also available at each of the resorts.

This is one of the most difficult water sports to try as the conditions are not really that great at the resorts.

At Tower Island – you typically have too much wind and waves. At Sans Souci, you typically have very little wind unless you go past the ropes (which they frown on). At Couples Negril and Swept Away you have to go out kind of far to avoid all the people in the water – and when you fall off it can be hard to get back on.

Hobie Cats

Those same conditions that make windsurfing difficult are perfect for sailing on a Hobie Cat sailboat!

If you wanted to pick just one water sport activity – this should be it!

Wait, you have never sailed before? Not even once?

Don’t worry – this is the best part about this activity – if you ask, they’ll sail the boat for you. All you have to do is get on, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

If you want to give sailing a try, there are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to sail a Hobie Cat.

Hydro Bikes

Hyrdo bikes can be a lot of fun – especially at Sans Souci where you can paddle around the sheltered cove.

They can be tough to peddle in a strong wind and although they are pretty sturdy, if it’s wavy you can get tossed around pretty good but you shouldn’t tip.

The only down side is you really can’t go very far as you expend a lot of energy trying to go anywhere.


You’ve seen these before but probably never knew the name. Pedalos are two person, sit down boats that you peddle like a bicycle.

Similar to the hydro bikes but much sturdier and you get to enjoy someone’s company as you peddle around.

They do not do well against a strong wind or waves as you’ll exert a lot of energy trying to fight the wind.

But on a pleasant, calm day they can be a nice way to go on an ocean tour.

Pedalos, kayaks, hydro bikes and Hobie Cats on the beach

Swimming Pools/Jacuzzis

All of the resorts have several pools and jacuzzis. These are some of the cleanest pools I have ever seen and they do a fantastic job of keeping them clean without using a ton of chemicals.

The jacuzzis are usually kept pretty warm which can really nice during the inevitable rain shower.

Mineral Pool

If you are staying at Couples Sans Souci, you are in for a special treat as they also feature a spring fed mineral pool that is one of the most peaceful and tranquil places at all the Couples Resorts.

With portions dating back to the 1700s, we have dedicated an entire blog post to the natural healing properties and beauty of the mineral pool area.

Mineral Pool Rainbow

The Lobby Pool

At Sans Souci, they also have a pool right by the lobby. Every trip we say we’re going to go swim in this pool – and every year, we forget!

Water Skiing

You’ll find water skiing available at all of the resorts as well. Not many people take part in this activity so if you’re up for it, you typically can just walk up at the appointed time and you and your S.O. can go on a nice hour long boat ride and ski.

They will typically take you out away from the boats and people and you can usually ski until you get tired.

Sunset Cruise

One nice option that is not free is a romantic sunset cruise.

The resort will take you out in one of their nicest boats for an hour long sunset cruise.

Catamaran Cruise

At some of the resorts, they will have a catamaran cruise that you can sign up for.

This is the booze cruise you have been seeking!

This trip is a must for any first time Couples trip and so much fun we dedicated an entire blog post to tell you what to expect.