Weather Report

The weather forecast says rain – every day of your vacation! wtf!

OCHO RIOS Sans Souci/Tower Isle

Ah but it’s probably not going to be as bad a you think. An 80% chance of rain does not mean – 80% of the day will have rain – this just means that at some point in the day, there’s a good chance that rain will fall somewhere near you.

I lived in Florida as a child, and in the tropics – it can literally be raining in the front yard, but dry in the back yard! Rain clouds can be small and fast moving.

Clouds starting to gather over the mountains/Ocho Rios from Couples Sans Souci

Rain in Jamaica can start and be completely over in 15-20 minutes and I’m always amazed at just how many different ways the weather report will say the same thing:

  • “A thunderstorm in spots”
  • “A shower and t-storm around”
  • “Times of clouds and sun”
  • “A morning shower; cloudy”

These are all the quotes from the weather report during our week last year – in reality – we ended up with about 1 & 1/2 hours total of rain in 11 nights.

Mineral Pool with Rainbow

The best thing you can do – stop worrying about it – let it rain! It will go away.

Get up early

However, if you really, really want to get the most sun – get up early!

Sunrise in Negril – note how calm the water is.

The best weather of the day is usually in the morning. This is also one of the best times to kayak, paddle board or swim as the ocean is very calm. There are times in the morning at San Souci where there is literally no waves. (Note this is not the best time to go out in the hobie cats as the wind usually doesn’t pick up until about noon.

tropical storms and hurricanes

Yes, they can and will affect Jamaica every year.

Hurricane Matthew in October 2017

If one is approaching the island near your vacation time Рthe US National Hurricane Center website will help you plan but do not change your plans immediately as hurricanes and tropical storms are very unpredictable Рthey can even be a blessing in disquise.

Read our post on Hurricanes and Tropical Storms for more information and why a hurricane can be a blessing.