Weather Tips

First of all, the weather is the weather – remember you have no control over it so just accept what is to come…

Here are some tips to maximize your play time and plan around the inevitable rain.


Is it going to rain on your vacation? We have the weather forecast for Jamaica, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril here.

After you have read the forecast, I will point out that it was a waste of time as I’m sure everyday said “A Chance of Showers”.

That is because every day in Jamaica has a chance of rain – it is a tropical island and so the forecast reflects this.

What to expect

By now you’re probably more confused – will it rain? will I get that time in the sun? will it be a total wash out?

It’s actually a lot simpler than it seems – it WILL rain and be cloudy on your vacation so keep reading to get the most of your time in the sun.

Get Up Early!

The single, simplest thing you can do to maximize your play time in the sun is to get up early. And I mean early – as in 6:00am-7:00am.

Sunrise in Negril

Why? Because in my experience – the best weather of the day is always in the morning before noon.

By noon, the clouds will start to form in the mountains and by early afternoon it is very common to get an afternoon rain storm.

In Ocho Rios, showers are common over the city, but many times the resort stays dry so it’s very hit or miss and the forecast is pointless.

In Negril, the rain usually arrives in the early afternoon but is over very quickly. I have been in a Negril down pour thinking the day was ruined, only to find sunny skies just 20 minutes later.

By getting up early, you will guarantee you get time in to Kayak, paddle board or sun bath and by noon, you will be ready to just relax in the shade with a Red Stripe so a few clouds will not be a problem.

Get Up Early? On Vacation?

Ok, if getting up early on vacation doesn’t sound cool, then there is an even simpler option.

Just ignore the rain!! Seriously, just ignore the rain as it will typically be very brief and so you just grab the included umbrella in your room and you go about doing whatever you had planned for the day.

Mineral Pool Rainbow

Many times by the time you get to your activity, the rain will have stopped or in just a few minutes everything is all right.

Bars will still be open, hot tubs are still warm and the ocean can still feel nice in a rain shower.

You can always get fresh towels so it’s ok if they get a bit wet.

Just remember to be cautious of lightening storms and make sure to get out of the water and under a bar/roof if it does storm.

Oh No! It’s raining in the morning!

Woke up early… and it’s raining! The day is ruined!

Or not! Do not change your plans as morning rain should excite you because it typically only lasts for about an hour – with off and on clouds for another hour.

However, once it stops you usually have an entire day – including the afternoon and evening of non stop sunshine!

Some of my best sunset photos came on a day that started with morning rain.

Forecast calling for 100% rain!

In over 100 days in Jamaica we have had only 1 day that was a total wash out. That was in September as a tropical storm was off the coast.

On the rare event that you are sure there is going to be a lot of rain on a given day then this is a good day to go to Dunn’s River or YS Falls – the free, included excursions. The reason is simple – you will get soaked climbing the falls anyway so the rain will not be a factor.

Tropical Storms / Hurricanes

Are you traveling in hurricane season? (June 1 – November 30)

Don’t fret, hurricanes and tropical storms can actually be a good thing for your vacation – read our blog post to find out why.

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