Which Resort?

Having trouble deciding which Couples resort is right for you? If you don’t have anything specific in mind for your vacation, then you could just flip a coin and land on any resort and your vacation will be amazing and one of a kind.

All Couples resorts feature many of the same amenities, and all of their resorts are fully all-inclusive. They all feature the same comfortable mattresses, linens and fully stocked mini-bars in all their rooms.

All waters sports activities are included and each resort features some kind of gym and lots of outdoor activities.

All of the resorts feature similar food options but have some differences in the types and number of restaurants available.

Where the resorts differ is in location, beach, party atmosphere, night life, facilities (including areas for Au Natural sunbathing) and near by excursions.

So how do you choose which resort is right for you? Read on to find out.

The Beaches

First, consider the beaches.

If you are really, really looking forward to a nice long walk or jog on the beach, then Swept Away is by far your best choice.

This photo of Couples Swept Away is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Located on 7-mile beach, Swept Away offers miles of beautiful white sandy beaches with numerous bars and restaurants along the way.

Negril Beach looking left from AN Beach

Right behind is Couples Negril which is located near Swept Away on Bloody Bay. While not as long as 7 mile beach, Bloody Bay offers a similar experience to Swept Away.

Sunrise in Negril

The one down side to both Swept Away and Couples Negril’s beaches is that they are open to the public and you will have vendors and guests of other resorts walking by.

Tower Island Beach

Both Couples Sans Souci and Couples Tower Island have nice beaches but they are much smaller – Sans Souci has 3 smaller beaches.

However, Tower Island and Sans Souci are both private beaches so you do not have random people (including kids) walking by.

Main Beach at CSS
Drift Away – or the “hidden beach” at Sans Souci
Sunset at sunset beach/Sans Souci.

ALL of the Couples beaches are very nice, have lot’s of shade, and you will NOT be fighting other guests for chairs, floats or palapas (the grass umbrellas).

If long walks on the beach or having a private beach are not that important, keep reading…

What type of Vacation are you looking for?

Ready to party and socialize? Or are you looking for something on the quieter side?

Plan to spend time doing yoga, or hitting the gym?

Or do you just want to sit on a quiet beach with a book in your hand?

Keep reading to find out which atmosphere is right for you.

Ready to Party?

If you are looking to party, Tower Island is your fit. This resort has a South Beach kind of feel and is very good for groups or celebrations where you want to let your hair down a bit and party on the wild side.

Sapphire Island

Tower Island features night life and live entertainment well into the wee hours of the night.

Tower Island

The island is one big non-stop party in the nude!

There are quiet spots at Tower Island and the spa is award winning but you will meet and see lots of people at this resort.

Swim Up Bar

This doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time partying at the other resorts – it’s just that in our experience – Tower Island is over the top when it comes to having a social and party atmosphere that is on going and very lively and continues well into the wee hours of the night.

Tower Island features a disco that stays open until the last guests leave.

Couples Negril comes in a close second when it comes to partying – the difference is at Couples Negril, you can also find some very quiet spots as well and the groups tend to spread out more.

Sans Souci and Swept Away do have a night life, but guests at these resorts tend to retire to their rooms earlier. There are places open including piano bars, but it’s likely you will be one of only a handful of couples attending.

Want to get in shape?

Looking to get in shape and exercise on your vacation? All of the resorts offer some kind of gym and classes but Swept Away has an entire facility dedicated to fitness – including an olympic size pool.

Olympic Size Pool at Swept Away

Add long walks/jogs on 7 mile beach, and Swept Away is a fitness junkies ideal resort.

7 Mile Beach in Negril

Want to spend all day on the beach?

Couples Negril is all about the beach. Since it’s a nice large beach with fewer guests, Couples Negril is all about spending time lounging on the beach, floating on the beautiful water and spending time on kayaks, paddle boards and hobie cats.

You might also find a parasail and jet ski vendor on Bloody Bay as well.

Negril Beach

The sunsets at Couples Negril are amazing and you will still be on the beach late into the evening to enjoy!

Sunset in Negril

Looking For a quiet, romantic vacation just for 2?

Couples Sans Souci is by far the quietest, most relaxing and romantic of all the resorts.

Just outside Sans Souci Lobby

There are many places and times that you will find yourselves alone and you will wonder where all the guests have gone. From the “Hidden beach” to the mineral pool at night – this resort offers a very quiet and ultra relaxing and romantic experience.

The “Hidden” Hot Tub

A massage in “Hide Away” is a must do.

The Hide Away

Au Natural Facilities

If sun bathing in the nude is a must do for your vacation, then read on to see which resorts offer the best facilities and amenities.

Not sure if you want to participate? Read our blog post “Will you go Au Natural” – to find out what to expect, secrets to having a good time and more.

Swept Away does not allow any nude or topless sunbathing.

Couples Negril, Tower Island and Sans Souci offer Au Natural facilities and areas where you must be nude, and together as a couple in order to participate.

These resorts also allow topless sun bathing on their main beaches or pier.


Couples Negril offers the smallest area for nude sun bathing. This area is adjacent to the main beach and is just a small area that is sectioned off.

This area includes a bar, hot tub and several loungers.

Couples Negril

The one draw back to this area is the fact that anyone can walk by the front area and look into the nude section and in order to get to the ocean you must walk past a small area where everyone can see you.

Tower Island

Completely isolated and cut off from the main land – tower island is an amazing experience that allows nudists to enjoy themselves without being gawked at or stared at.

Perfect for the first timers, Tower Island features a pool and swim up bar.

The best part about tower island is the fact that you can climb the tower!

You must take a boat to the island and all participants must come as a couple and must get completely nude to participate.

Read our blog post for more info on Tower Island.

Sunset Beach

Sunset beach is Sans Souci’s Au natural facility. Many consider this one of the best nudist facilities in Jamaica – and the Caribbean.

Featuring a bar area with seats, grill, large beach area and a pool with swim up bar, sunset beach is very large with plenty of shade, palapas, chairs and room to spread out.

Read out blog post about sunset beach for more information.

Location/Local Excursions

If you are still unsure about which resort to choose then next consider the location of each resort and the local excursions near by.


Couples Negril and Swept Away are in the town of Negril.

Negril is a beach town on the far western shores of Jamaica and as such there are not a lot of excursions that don’t involve the ocean.

Probably the most famous excursion near Negril is the Pelican Bar.

Inside the Pelican Bar

A very unique experience.

YS Falls

YS Falls

A nice, included and free excursion is YS Falls – a lovely waterfall that you can climb.

Ocho Rios

Tower Island and Sans Souci are both in the town of Ocho Rios – which is a sleepy, suburban town surrounded by mountains.

The name Ocho Rios mean 8 rivers and a lot of the excursions are based on the mountains and the rivers that run through Ocho Rios.

White River – the White River is right next to Couples Sans Souci and there are several excursions and things to do along the white river including:

Blue hole – Check out our blog post on the Blue Hole

Keiths Bamboo crew – A Fabulous excursion that includes lunch, check out our blog post on Keith’s Bamboo Crew and Rafting down the White River.

Keith’s Bamboo Crew

Dunn’s River – is a free, included excursion from Sans Souci and Couples Tower Island. This excursion takes you up the Dunn’s River waterfall. The falls are fairly easy to climb but if you cannot climb the falls for any reason, you can just walk up the boardwalk next to the falls.

Dunn’s River Falls

Bob Marley Home/9 Mile – The birth place and home of Bob Marley – 9 mile is an unforgettable journey into the life of Bob Marley and a nice journey into the mountains surrounding Ocho Rios.

9 Mile

Still Can’t Decide?

At this point, if you are still unable to decide – then I suggest you start flipping coins as you really cannot go wrong at any of these resorts!

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